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Ice Cream Fridays

Ice cream Friday

Every Friday, the school transforms into a frosty paradise as the bell rings for lunchtime. Pupils eagerly line up outside for their ice cream, their excitement palpable. You can hear whispers of anticipation, secret flavor preferences, and playful debates about…

Social Friday

Social Friday Pupils

At St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo, Social Fridays are eagerly anticipated by students as they provide a platform for exploration, fun, and character development. During these afternoons, pupils engage in diverse extracurricular activities that nurture their interests and talents. Social…

Election Day


July 3rd 2023 was Election Day at St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo. It was a momentous occasion as our young pupils eagerly exercised their civic responsibility as responsible citizens. With the support and guidance from the Electoral Commission Uganda –…