Ice cream Friday

Ice Cream Fridays

Every Friday, the school transforms into a frosty paradise as the bell rings for lunchtime. Pupils eagerly line up outside for their ice cream, their excitement palpable. You can hear whispers of anticipation, secret flavor preferences, and playful debates about the merits of different ice cream concoctions.

Ice cream Friday hooray

As the pupils move along the line, they engage in friendly debates about the best way to assemble their cones. Some meticulously layer toppings on their scoops, while others pile them high, creating masterpieces that could rival the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Once everyone has their ice cream in hand, they head to their respective classes. Laughter fills the air as friends gather around, trading bites of their creations and swapping stories from the week.

But Ice Cream Friday at St. Matthew’s isn’t just about indulging in frozen delights—it’s also a chance to build community and foster friendships. The school encourages the tradition of “flavor swaps,” where pupils trade portions of their ice cream with others, promoting a spirit of sharing and camaraderie.

Even the teachers join in the fun, with some playfully challenging pupils to math quizzes or trivia games in exchange for an extra scoop. It’s a race against the clock, and the students love the thrill of testing their knowledge while enjoying their favorite treat.

As the bell rings to signal the end of ice cream time, the pupils reluctantly return to their classes, but with smiles on their faces and ice cream memories to cherish. Ice Cream Friday at St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo is more than just a tasty tradition—it’s a celebration of joy, friendship, and the simple pleasures that make school life unforgettable. So, if you’re ever in Laroo, join in on the fun and savor the sweetness of Ice Cream Friday at St. Matthew’s! 🍨✨