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READ FOR LIFE: St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo Takes Part in Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA)

We are delighted to share that on November 3rd, 2023, St. Matthew’s Preparatory School in Laroo actively participated in the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA), in collaboration with the Gulu City Education Office. This assessment is a critical component of our ongoing commitment to providing a high-quality education to our students.

Assessing Reading Proficiency

EGRA, which stands for Early Grade Reading Assessment, is an invaluable tool designed to evaluate the impact of phonics instruction on the reading skills of our infant classes, ranging from Primary 1 to Primary 3. To ensure a representative sample, 15 learners from each of these classes, totaling 45 pupils, participated in this assessment.

This assessment was conducted in partnership with the local Non-Governmental Organization, Read For Life Uganda, and adheres to the International Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) standards. It encompasses five essential areas:

  1. Letter Names: This section evaluates a student’s ability to recognize and identify letter names.
  2. Letter Sounds: It assesses the student’s capacity to recognize and associate letter sounds.
  3. Reading Made-up Words: This segment focuses on authentic reading skills, emphasizing the ability to decode unfamiliar, non-existent words rather than memorization.
  4. Real Words: It tests a student’s vocabulary and comprehension through reading real words.
  5. Short Story: This part measures reading comprehension by asking students questions about a short story.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At St. Matthew’s Preparatory School, we are resolute in our dedication to continuous improvement and providing the highest level of education to our learners. The EGRA assessment represents a crucial step in achieving this goal. We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support and trust you place in our school as we strive to ensure your children’s success.

We are excited about the insights and opportunities for growth that this assessment will provide. We look forward to sharing the results of the EGRA assessment with you in due course.