Enhancing Education with a New Standby Generator

St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo has taken a significant step toward ensuring uninterrupted learning for its pupils. With a deep commitment to quality education, the school has recently acquired a 13kva standby diesel generator, a game-changing addition that will address the persistent power outages that have been a challenge in the region. This remarkable development is the result of the unwavering support of the school’s parents, who have made it possible to provide a seamless learning experience for their children.

The Power Outage Challenge in Gulu

Gulu, a vibrant and culturally rich city in Northern Uganda, has been grappling with frequent power outages. These outages disrupt daily life, affecting businesses, households, and, most importantly, educational institutions. St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo, which has always been dedicated to providing a conducive learning environment, recognized the need for a reliable power source to overcome this obstacle.

The Solution: A 13kva Standby Diesel Generator

The acquisition of a 13kva standby diesel generator is a significant milestone for the school. This powerful generator will act as a dependable source of electricity during power outages, ensuring that the learning process remains uninterrupted. With its capacity, the generator can efficiently power the school’s facilities, including classrooms, computer labs, and administrative areas.

Newly acquired 13kva Diesel Power Generator

Parental Support:

A Key Ingredient The school administration expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the parents of St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo. It is their unwavering support that has made this essential addition possible. Their contributions have not only demonstrated their commitment to their children’s education but have also reinforced the strong sense of community within the school.

Benefits of Uninterrupted Learning:

The impact of this acquisition on the pupils cannot be overstated. With consistent access to electricity, the school can continue to provide high-quality education without disruptions. Pupils will no longer have to worry about power cuts affecting their studies, ensuring that their learning experience remains seamless and effective.


St. Matthew’s Preparatory School Laroo’s investment in a 13kva standby diesel generator is a testament to its dedication to providing quality education to its pupils. This development not only addresses the challenges posed by frequent power outages but also reflects the strong partnership between the school and its supportive parents. With this new addition, the school is well-prepared to create an environment where learning is uninterrupted, promoting the growth and development of the future generation.